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1-on-1 Partnering

How it works


One of the pillars on which our annual meeting is founded is the 1-on-1 partnering. The partnering aims at enabling participants to start building new partnerships and to foster cooperation in a business-friendly environment. This aspect has always been highly appreciated as it is an excellent opportunity to find many high-profile industry players and network with your peers.

Our 1-on-1 partnering tool allows you to consult the list of participants and to identify the relevant people for your business. All participants are invited to complete their cooperation profile with information about the cooperation areas of interest to them. Once you made your choice about whom you would like to meet, you can easily request a meeting through the web and mobile platforms. Once the meetings are agreed by participants, you will receive a schedule with your meetings of the day. The schedule is also available on the platform.

With the sponsor and exhibitor profile section of the app active up to prior to the event, discovering potential partners and planning your partnering meetings has never been easier.

Our Partners & Sponsors