The MPP2021 conference report is available

Nov 19, 2021

The report from the Medtech & Pharma Platform Association 2021 Annual Conference (MPP2021) was published. We invite you to take a look at it to get an overview of the event and to learn more about the discussions in the panel and the expert sessions. Key take home messages include the following:

  • The conference enabled cross-sectoral exchange between the medtech, pharma and ICT sectors.
  • The framework for combined products must be responsive to technological developments and foster regulatory convergence.
  • The digitalization of the healthcare sector brings opportunities for combined products whilst challenging the existing framework.
  • A certain degree of standardization is needed in the definition and regulatory processes for combined products.
  • Cooperation between all stakeholders and the early involvement of patients is essential for the development and timely market access of combined products.

The MPP2021 was a great success and we look forward to welcoming you at next yearโ€™s edition that will take place in Basel, Switzerland on 8 September 2022.