International Pharmaceutical Quality (IPQ) features MPP activities

Aug 16, 2021

The latest issue of International Pharmaceutical Quality explores the developments for combined products in Europe, which are the focus of the Medtech & Pharma Platform Association (MPP). The IPQ issue underlines MPP’s call for continued dialogue to define pragmatic solutions for combined products in its submission to the consultation on the revision of the EU pharmaceutical legislation. Furthermore, it covers in detail the keynote address delivered by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) Regulatory Affairs Head and Chief Digital Officer Zaïde Frias during last year’s Annual Conference as well as the ensuing exchanges on the regulatory framework for combined products in the EU.

MPP aims to achieve a balanced regulatory framework for products combining medicinal product, medical device and software components to reduce time to market, improve access to innovative products and better match patients’ needs. To this end, MPP engages in various activities, including policy advocacy, the organization of the Annual Conference and expert training courses. You can learn more about MPP and its activities by visiting our website.