The Medtech & Pharma Plaftorm held its General Assembly on 31 March 2021

Mar 31, 2021

The General Assembly re-elected the Board members for 2021:

  • Shayesteh Fürst-Ladani, President,
  • Stephan Affolter,
  • Daniel Delfosse,
  • Thomas Kühler,
  • Manfred Mäder.

The MPP members thanked the Board members for their commitment to the MPP’s objectives and expressed their support for the MPP activities to foster synergies between the pharma, medtech and tech fields and achieve a balanced framework for the development and market release of innovative and safe combined products. The MPP will pursue its endeavors in 2021.

The MPP 8th Annual Conference on “Achieving agility to foster innovation and bring value to patients” (21 October 2021, Basel) will gather stakeholders across the pharma, medtech and tech fields to exchange knowledge, collaborate in technology and regulatory areas, as well as to promote product development and innovation. The call for abstracts is open until 5 April 2021. Registrations for sponsors, exhibitors and participants are already open.